Friday, July 17, 2015

5 Things That People With Chronic Pain Hate Hearing

We all have well meaning friends/ family/ co-workers that have loads of advice to "help" us with our pain. Hear are 5 things that I want banished in the sea of forgetfulness for all time.

1. Maybe you should take more vitamins or take this special green drink blessed by this guru. 

So Before I was struck down by this illness, I worked out 5 times a week, was a vegetarian, used pure whey isolate protein, and drank green and red lightening. Not to mention, I took a multi vitamin pack, fish oil, vitamins B, C, and E and I drank gallons of water. 

 Obviously none of that worked, so "Get yo Life!"

2.Is this Contagious?

No. It's not Vampirism. Stop watching lame ass Bella and Edward. 

3. I bet you get good drugs

Well...yes and no. If by good drugs you mean drugs that cause short term memory loss, issues with motor control, cold and tingly hands and feet, cataracts, liver damage, changes in taste, personality shifts and the list goes on and on. So yes come get high with us if you want to...

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4. Don't speak the illness into existence, it will become real.

This shit makes no sense to me. None of us never heard of this God forsaken illness before we got diagnosed right? So how did we speak it into existence in the first place? I don't even get that ridiculous logic.

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5. I know how you feel. you broke a toe or skinned a knee once and you know what's it's like to have something called the "suicide disease". Oh ok. Try again.

This post really is all in good fun but there is a bit of truth to the things that we all hear. It's cool that the people who are healthy ask questions but we can always dream that the common sense fairy comes down but until then, let's laugh at their expense for once.

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  1. You are my hero. You nailed it. I have had every dumbassed comment you listed and so many more. "Maybe you should get a hobby." "It's only pain." "People in the world have it so much worse than you" "You are so pretty I don't believe you are sick." I could go on and on. Maybe it is time to write a blog. Bless you, thanks for making me laugh through my pain. Sending wishes of pain free days, Kiminy