Monday, December 21, 2015

I Have a Chronic Illness, So Why Are the Fashion Lines Trying to Make Me Wear Hideous Clothes

At work I'm known as the fashionista. I mean how hard is it to out dress people in their 60's and 70's or people that just pick a lumpy dress from some tragic dressbarn two for one sale. Anyway...My favorite store is Zara. I love the simplicity, the clean lines and plus they knockoff designers like Marc Jacobs, Emilio Pucci, etc...but this Fall 2015, I think the designers have been possessed by Satan and have decided that it's cool to look like Annie Hall/ Kim Davis reject from the 5th dimension.


Image 1 of TUBE SKIRT from Zara

Tacky prints that look like bacteria has been incubating in a petrie dish for months. Look at the models, they look embarrassed to be wearing that nonsense.


Uh oh, here comes the hammer. It's a return to the big pants of the 90's except this crap wan't cute then and it's not cute now. I uinderstand that these models are probable anorexic and these pants probably fit different on us normal sized people, but come on...this is ridiculous. The only place I would possibly wear this to is a clueless reunion or a pearl jam concert.


Culottes? This is the 7th circle of hell. Even on these models this isn't flattering.


blue high waisted midi pencil skirtaztec print kimono

That stupid button down skirt, bell sleeves and now we bringing poncho's back? Ponchos...I miss the peplum top right about now. This is really really ugly and not in a it's so ugly it's fashionable way. It's just tacky.


TALL Tie Front Stripe TopTie Front TopPETITE Tie Front TopFloral Tie Front Tank TopForest Floral Print Tie-Up Tunic DressFruity Floral Print Lattice Romper

I can't even keep a straight face here. All I see is bad tittage and shame.

Bright Floral Print Top and Wide Leg PantsPETITE Chevron Stripe Top and FlaresSleeveless Striped Drape Blouse and Wide Leg Trousers
Floral Print Ruffle Blouse and Midi SkirtHawaii Shirt and Shorts by Boutique

Proof that Jesus died in vain...these prints just prompt the gag reflex and the fact that the charge money is just an insult. These are just seizure inducing prints. Look at the models faces...they are in on the joke!

Photo 1 of NIRVANA Chunky Sandals

It's the attack of the hideous shoe club!

Nasty Gal

I hate how they turned denim into this hodge podge mess that looks a hot mess. They made supermodels into holiday heart and it's not cool. That long skirt on the left is basically just a skirt that a pentecostal christian abandoned at the thrift store and was unbuttoned up to the vajajay with a tank top rolled up. And this "pirate chic" look isn't cool or cute. This makes me want to deny same sex marriage licenses for my own personal reasons...

Jeffrey Campbell Romford Suede Boot - Shoes | Heels | Jeffrey Campbell

Funny how the fashion industry gives us shit and calls it sugar. Happy Fall!

Mack Major...Nonsensical Clown. Stupid Enough to be Dangerous.

The Portal of Hell are Open...
I won't beat around the burning bush here, internet "author" and "minister" Mack Major is a joke and a clown. Now I am not speaking from a position of hate but from a position of love and I hate to see black men look stupid. I have read some of his postings and even tried to point out the error of his ways on his orgy comment boards and let me tell you what happens when you inject reality get banned. Banned, for pointing out blatant fallacies in his arguments that literally make no sense on his sexually repressed blog Eden decoded. Reading his blog posts are like going to a sexually repressed band camp with voodoo Christianity thrown in with a dab of  dime store  pop psychology 101 for dummies. Nothing is decoded, it's all the same thing with this guy. You woke up late, then you opened up a portal from hell. You sneezed, you must have opened a portal from hell. You been disrespected from

So Mack Major believes and teaches that people that masturbate are possessed by a spiritual demon. I can't make this up...he says, People who cannot control the urge to masturbate or watch pornography are almost always plagued with a s€xual devil. Maybe more than one.

In the world of the spirit and according to Jesus Christ: the s€xual thought is the same as the s€xual act (Matthew 5:28).
Don't you love how he can't even write out the word "sex" without substituting the "e" with a Euro symbol, as if sex was a dirty word that needs to be sanitized from existence. 

So what does Matthew 5:28 say? But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Ok, that's not saying that demons are summoned does it? Mack Major believes that visualizing having sex with another through masturbation, then the spirit realm manifests the thing we are imagining. So I guess if I imagine Idris Alba, then he will pop up one day? Or maybe masturbation is a normal sexual urge that most people that have reached puberty have participated in. Unless you are the Duggars and you molest you own sisters of course. So I wonder what's worse here. Repressing your feelings for fear of "sexual demons" or incest because some moron decided it was best to pretend that sex was so dirty that the word can't be written or spoken. 

In another equally ridiculous post, he talks about the pagan history of Christmas, yet uses examples of Israeli pagan Gods that have nothing to do European paganism. It's like history never occurred and facts be damned. He trots out this "information" that a god named Chemosh was seated on a throne, heated till he turned red, worshiped by the pagans by putting their kids in his arms till they burned into ashes. According to his "research" this is where the tradition of sitting our kids in santa's lap comes from. Of course, the fact that St. Nicholas was a real person, bishop of Myra in the time of the Roman emperor Diocletian, was persecuted, tortured for the Catholic faith and kept in prison until the more tolerant reign of Constantine  is all completely irrelevant, his change from a white robe to the red outfit occurred in the 19th century when he was Americanized, is again totally irrelevant to him and his readers. In another publication Santa is defined as, “Santa Claus” is an American corruption of the Dutch form “San Nicolaas,” a figure brought to America by the early Dutch colonists. But that sounds like Chemosh to me...He believes elves and reindeer are elemental demons aiding in witchcraft instead of the trappings associated with Santa Claus, his sleigh and reindeer-reveal his origin from the cold climates of the far North. Some sources trace him to the ancient Northern European gods Woden and Thor, from which the days of the week Wednesday (Woden's day) and Thursday (Thor's day) get their designations. But Mack takes the easy way out, if he doesn't understand it, blame it on a demon. Critical thinking skills are sorely lacking.

Wait there's more...

Mack Major displays more willful stupidity when he claims that Krampus was an original demon that was behind Chemosh in the first place. He is blithely unaware that this Germanic myth of Krampus was little known in Europe, but popularized in the 19th Century as the co spirit of Santa. Santa rewards the children and Krampus punished them. Of course, as time went on, Krampus' role was written out and all we get is the feel good elves and potbelly jolliness. When he was challenged that Christmas was a Roman pagan holiday that was hijacked by Catholicism when Rome decided to make it the official religion, it was glossed over like it never happened. He pouted, pulled his toys and went home.  The Christmas festival wasn't heard of in the Church until the 3rd or 4th Century. 

Let me educate you Mack Minor intelligence, December 25th was celebrated by the Roman empire as the birthday of the Sun God. Also it was a sacred holiday to the Persians that celebrated Mithra-ism, where most believe Christianity was directly plagiarized from. Not only was Dec. 25 honored as the birthday of the sun, but a festival had long been observed among the heathen to celebrate the growing amount of daylight after the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. The precursor of Christmas was in fact an idolatrous midwinter festival characterized by excess and debauchery that predated Christianity by many centuries.
This ancient festival went by different names in various cultures. In Rome it was called the Saturnalia, in honor of Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture. The observance was adopted by early Roman church leaders and given the name of Christ (“Christ mass,” or Christmas) to conciliate the heathen and swell the number of the nominal adherents of Christianity.
Failing to make much headway in converting the pagans, the religious leaders of the Roman church began compromising by dressing the heathen customs in Christian-looking garb. But, rather than converting them to the church's beliefs, the church became largely converted to non-Christian customs in its own religious practices.
Although at first the early Catholic Church censured this celebration, “the festival was far too strongly entrenched in popular favor to be abolished, and the Church finally granted the necessary recognition, believing that if Christmas could not be suppressed, it should be preserved in honor of the Christian God. Once given a Christian basis the festival became fully established in Europe with many of its pagan elements undisturbed” Basically, you have a large population that is pagan and you are forcibly trying to convert them to Christianity, what do you do? You adopt pagan traditions and call them "Christian" to make the conversion process easier. 
He has another blog post where he claims that tatoos and piercings serve as portals for...guess what? The demonic world! Yes. Yes. Yes. I could go on all day with this, but I have lost IQ points already...
Don't Let me Play with Matches
I sincerely hope this dope stops posting half truths, lies and foolishness for people to read and believe as facts. Everything that he and other religious zealots doesn't open portals to hell. I think he has watched one too many hellraiser movies or Mack Major is just an ignorant, know nothing, pinhead, but would be too stupid to solve the puzzle box. Mack Minor does his readers a disservice because he's actually a  person that is just stupid enough to be dangerous. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

5 Things That People With Chronic Pain Hate Hearing

We all have well meaning friends/ family/ co-workers that have loads of advice to "help" us with our pain. Hear are 5 things that I want banished in the sea of forgetfulness for all time.

1. Maybe you should take more vitamins or take this special green drink blessed by this guru. 

So Before I was struck down by this illness, I worked out 5 times a week, was a vegetarian, used pure whey isolate protein, and drank green and red lightening. Not to mention, I took a multi vitamin pack, fish oil, vitamins B, C, and E and I drank gallons of water. 

 Obviously none of that worked, so "Get yo Life!"

2.Is this Contagious?

No. It's not Vampirism. Stop watching lame ass Bella and Edward. 

3. I bet you get good drugs

Well...yes and no. If by good drugs you mean drugs that cause short term memory loss, issues with motor control, cold and tingly hands and feet, cataracts, liver damage, changes in taste, personality shifts and the list goes on and on. So yes come get high with us if you want to...

Image result for bih memes

4. Don't speak the illness into existence, it will become real.

This shit makes no sense to me. None of us never heard of this God forsaken illness before we got diagnosed right? So how did we speak it into existence in the first place? I don't even get that ridiculous logic.

Image result for bih memes

5. I know how you feel. you broke a toe or skinned a knee once and you know what's it's like to have something called the "suicide disease". Oh ok. Try again.

This post really is all in good fun but there is a bit of truth to the things that we all hear. It's cool that the people who are healthy ask questions but we can always dream that the common sense fairy comes down but until then, let's laugh at their expense for once.